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It had been a year since I started working & studying from home as a student and developer since the Covid-19 outbreak in Malaysia. Like others, we always face issues in focusing on work/studies as there are distractions. Also, there is no peer pressure from peers such as you work with others in the office and studying in the library (you will have more motivation to focus/work as others are looking at you).

Therefore, we start seeing many people actually have their private study groups in discord to study together using Pomodoro timer, and some of them live-stream themselves studying on platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and more.

One of the benefits of studying in groups or publicity can help you boost your motivation and focus. You could feel that you are working with others together to the same goal and giving yourself to a situation that others are monitoring you studying.

I think that this is a pretty good idea, and it kind of works, but I personally did not practice it as most of the study group platforms or livestreams are dependent on a common public schedule or streamer schedule but not personalized (although you can reply it, but it feels different).

Until one day, I discovered Centered from Twitter. It basically solves the pain point that I stated above by helping me to get into deep work by working with others with my own schedule.

Once you enter the app, you can list down all your todos for the day and the estimated time for each of them. Then, you can get into your "Flow State" by starting your task, and the Pomodoro timer will start. Once the timer starts, music will be played, and you will join a virtual co-working session with people who are working now (you can see others working together, as shown in the screenshot below).


I personally enjoy the application a lot, and it boosts my productivity as it forces me to stay focused and work on real works while not procrastinating.

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