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I am Kim, a student developer, community builder and digital product enthusiats.

Who am I?

Let me introduce myself a little bit...

I am Kim Sheng Yong, Final year SWE student from Xiamen University Malaysia. Founder and Ex-Lead of XMUM Tech Club. In my free time, I love to explore technologies and particularly now, I am interested in Crypto and Blockchain.

I work professionally as a contract/part-time full-stack developer (recently to Web3) during my studies, which leads me to have some experience in developing web/app applications. (See my works here)

I am open for any work and collaboration. You have have a look on my resume and also you may find me on Github, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Or you can drop me an email through kimshengyong [at] gmail [dot] com.

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What I do?

What i do for living/fun

Web & App Development

I do quite a lot of web & app stuff, covering frontend and backend.


I do write.......sometimes.

Tech Community

I built tech community in University. I love communities and I am passionate in helping students to learn tech knowledge outside of class.