Hey, I am Kim Sheng Yong

I am a student developer, community builder, freelance/contract/part-time developer and now, crypto & blockchain enthusiasts 😂. This page describe some of my background, interests and more to let you know more about me!


I was born in 1999 and grew up in Melaka, Malaysia. Currently a final year software engineering major student in Xiamen University Malaysia graduating around Jun 2022.


In university, I founded and lead XMUM Tech Club and Google Developer Student Club XMUM. I wish to let students to explore different fields in the tech industry rather than only learning through universities lectures. So that student can be more industry prepared when graduate.

Outside of classes..

Other than a student, I also worked as Freelance/Contract Software Engineer. I had 1+ year of working professionally building Web and Mobile Applications, and recently get into working in blockchain and NFTs. You can view my work and experience here.

What I'm interested

My main interest are in Product Management and Software Engineering, I love working on digital products. I am interested to work on Fintech, as it carries my passion in tech and finance.

What I'm Learning

Recently, I had been actively learning about the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain field. I am learning DeFi, NFT, Web3, Solidity and more!!! The crypto field is so wide and interesting!! I believe decentralized could lead the world a better place. WAGMI!!

Collaborations / Works / Career Opportunities?

If you are like to give collaborate/hire me/give me any career opportunity, I am definitely welcome for it.

My major interest is in Fintech especially the Crypto, DeFi, NFTs and Blockchain industry. The roles I am interested is mainly Product Manager or Software Engineer.

If you are interested in hire me as Intern / Full time / Part Time / Freelance / Contract, do contact me through kimshengyong [at] gmail [dot] com .

Where to find me?

Find me on Github, LinkedIn, and Twitter.